Our District serves a 114 square mile area, with 4 schools, approximately 80 teachers, 1,100 students, and a $12.5 million annual operating budget.

    Delton Kellogg Elementary School offers three- and four-year-old tuition preschool, developmental and traditional kindergarten, and onsite wraparound care.

    Delton Kellogg School is where a small school atmosphere meets big school opportunities. We are pleased to offer top-quality instruction at every grade level. Here at Delton Kellogg, your student will be continuously engaged in learning with a modern curriculum, nurturing teachers who set high expectations and will guide your child towards success, plus character and mindfulness education to help your student develop into a respectful and responsible adult.


    Delton is located in Barry County, Michigan, about halfway between the larger cities of Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. Several local restaurants, small shops, churches, and a library are conveniently close, yet Delton truly shines as a location for outdoor pursuits. Nearby you will find the Barry State Game Area, Yankee Springs Recreation Area, the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, the Barry-Roubiax Trail, the North Country National Scenic Trail, and over 60 lakes to explore.


    Delton Kellogg High School is proud to offer 12 AP classes, a partnership with the Battle Creek Area Math and Science Center, dual enrollment with local colleges, and Early Middle College programs to our students. In addition, the Delton Kellogg Education Foundation and the Barry Community Foundation help our seniors soar after graduation, offering $76,000 in annually available scholarships. Students can further their individual goals in specialty courses offered for the fine arts, industrial arts, publishing, science, and technology disciplines. They can also compete in 17 varsity sports, and a variety of other extracurricular activities, encompassing a wide breadth of interests, such as theatre, outdoors, academics, robotics, and government.


    Delton Kellogg School District is part of an amazingly supportive community. In recent years, a bond vote provided us with the funds to rebuild our historic Central Office, upgrade our technology, and modernize our science labs. We offer a 1:1 device ratio, providing contemporary learning practice to all of our students. We are also host to several volunteers and parent groups, who ensure every student has a chance to explore beyond the horizon with events and field trips to places such as Mackinac Island in 4th grade, among others.


    Home of the Panthers, Delton Kellogg offers athletes the thrill of the game with 17 varsity sports teams competing in the Southwest Michigan Athletic Conference. Under the competent leadership of Mike Mohn, MIAAA Region 5 Athletic Director of the year for 2021, student-athletes will gain skills in leadership, perseverance, and teamwork as they face off with opposing teams.



    1. We believe our students deserve a safe, inclusive, and non-biased learning environment.

    2. We believe in providing a variety of quality learning opportunities to meet student standards.

    3. We believe positive relationships are built upon mutual respect and responsibility.

    4. We believe effective schools are built upon collaboration, ownership, and accountability.

    5. We believe transparent communication builds a foundation of trust.



    Required Notices — 2021-2022

  • District Beliefs

    Belief #1: We Believe Our Schools Should Create Quality Learning Opportunities for All

    What We Will See:

    • Learners knowing what will be learned and what learning it well will look like.
    • Communication regarding growth and change toward common goals and expectations.
    • Opportunities for the learner, or group of learners, to correct learning through self-evaluation.
    • A safe and trusting environment to take risks.
    • Personal relevance in all learning situations.
    • Learners continuing to grow, seeking current best knowledge and practices and running these practices through the use of screens. (Independent life long learners)
    • Predominantly clarifying questions being asked when processing learning.
    • Learners being given multiple opportunities through different modalities to show what they’ve learned and to discover what they have yet to learn.

    Belief #2: We Believe All Relationships Should Be Built Upon Respect and Responsibility


    What We Will See:

    • Courtesy
    • Diplomacy
    • Active listening
    • Asking questions for clarifications
    • Skillful discussion
    • Giving others the benefit of the doubt


    What We Will See:

    • Commitment to the vision, beliefs, and processes of the organization
    • Kind confrontation of unaligned behaviors
    • Ownership: doing what we say we are going to do
    • Open-mindedness
    • Meaningful dialogue

    Belief #3: We Believe Our School Should Reflect Leadership Which Builds Consensus, Ownership, and Accountability

    What We Will See:

    • Clearly defined vision
    • Expectations and roles well clarified
    • All responsible for accountability
    • Consensus: All stakeholders able to influence setting of organizational goals
    • Ownership: All stakeholders acting to achieve vision, mission, and outcomes of organization
    • Accountability: All stakeholders committed to holding themselves and others accountable
    • Trusting communication